Little red flowers

Friday, 1 June 2012

Just a quick post today on my latest nail art. This is completely inspired (copied) by how Camilla had hers at the bloggers boutique. But i loved it too much to not have a go myself.

Models Own - snow white, Rimmel - rapid ruby, Eyeko - saucy polish

Mine definitely aren't as neat, but i do like the way they look. Had quite a few comments on then because the white background stands out quite a bit. I painted two coats of white first and completely let that dry. Then used the end of a bobby pin and the eyeko polish for the centre, followed by the other end of the pin and the rimmel red for the outer dots. Not that you can really tell much of a difference between the two shades of red unless you really inspect them.

Tomorrow there is a jubilee celebration in our town all morning with stalls up, cakes and buns, music and other entertainment. So i think i will attend that for a bit because a celebration like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity really. I am also going out for a meal with my boyfriend and his family which i am looking forward too.

Tomorrow i have a bit of a treat for you guys, so keep checking back!



  1. These look lovely! Have fun tomorrow :) x

  2. They look lovely! I was admiring Camilla's nails too. I wish I could do my nails like that, I'm way too impatient! X

  3. these look amazing! I don't have white polish but I quite fancy trying something along these lines.. x

  4. Aw they're veryyy pretty :) x

  5. They're lovely! thanks for the inspiration x

  6. Love this nail art, it looks so pretty! Newest follower :) xxx

  7. OH I love these!!!! So adorable!


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