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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I get so distracted when i am on study leave, i spend my time refreshing twitter, reading blogs, looking for outfit inspiration, taking photos and eating, oh and occasionally revising. So here are some photos of the outfit i had on today.

Top - topshop, Skirt - handmade, Socks - topshop, Shoes - vans

Our cat, zebedee, sneaked into the last photo. I dont think he is very well atm :( Its got a bit cooler today because the clouds are back, after that amazing bit of weather that we had in england! I hope that it goes back to that for the summer holidays.

If you follow me on twitter you will have seen that yesterday my tickets to see Coldplay arrived. I actually cant wait. I am taking my mum to see them for her birthday and have been waiting since january when i bought the tickets. Less than two weeks left now.

Also i made an order from Elf on monday night and the package has already come this morning, which is really quick delivery. This is the first time i have ordered from them even though i have had some of their products bookmarked for ages. I made use of the 20% off code that i got at the Bloggers Boutique and have bought some false eyelashes, nail polishes and a lip tint. I will get a post up on them soon. The lip tint i have on in the picture is Elf's 'Moisturising Lip Tint Spf 8' in rose which is one that came in the goody bag from the bloggers boutique.



  1. So jealous that you have this tee! Love how you paired it with a bright skirt too xx

  2. Love the shirt :) It's so cool that you made the skirt yourself x

  3. Aaaah, I love this tee so much very jealous!
    Love Coco x x x

  4. I love this tee, wish I'd bought it at the time! Hope your cat feels better soon! Coldplay sounds exciting! xx

  5. I love that t shirt. I seriously considered buying it and wish I had. Your cat looks a lot like mine, I hope he feels better soon. I'm so jealous about coldplay! x

  6. Ahh you kitty is so cute, hope he feels better soon. Love your skirt, and that you made it yourself :) x

  7. Super cute skirt. This outfit is simple and nice. Cannot wait to see what you got from E.L.F.
    Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

  8. You're so pretty!! Hope we can follow each other(:

  9. In love with the skirt! & im the same when im trying to revise aha x

  10. woww.. that skirt is lovely! and your cat is very photogenic haha :) lovely blog, now following! :)


  11. i love the dinosaur shirt - i wanted to order it as well but then it was sold out already. buhuhuuu.

    head + heels


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