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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sorry this post is a bit late! I arrived back from portugal on monday and have been pretty busy since. I've had a few shifts back at work, been unpacking and sorting things around my room, had catch up with my friends and finally been out to celebrate my 18th birthday! As wonderful as my holiday was its quite nice to be home, and to see some clouds. It was so hot out in portugal. Just before i went away i put up a giveaway to win a pair of earrings from Annarack, and the lucky winner is:

Jessie from Velvet Daisy

Thank you to anyone that entered. I love being able to give something back to my readers :) It is also a great way to get small online businesses more well known.
Which brings me onto another little store i have had the pleasure of working with. Delilah Dust is a jewellery store selling lots of unique pieces. A lot of people will have heard of it already but if not you should definitely check it out here. They have a new collection coming out on 2nd september, and there may be some sneak previews coming to my blog so keep checking back. Antonia who runs the shop has given me a discount code for all my readers to use! So you can start using it now.

Upcoming posts: a quick look at what i got for my birthday (my family and friends spoilt me!)
                           some new nail designs
                           outfit posts from portugal
                           product review



  1. So glad to hear you had a nice time on holiday me dear. Well done Jessie on winning the earrings xxx

  2. thank you cuties. about to feature them in a blog post now! :) xxx


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