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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Since starting university so much has changed in my life. Its such a busy place to be and its not often i have those days where you can just sit down and do nothing. Thats not to say i dont absolutely love it! But it does give me less time for things like blogging (being away from home also means i dont have my lovely brother to take photos for me.)
Incase people didnt know i study medicine at manchester and its definitely a demanding course. The majority of the work is self directed too so it takes a lot of motivation to sit down and get cracking when i have a laptop in front of me with a whole host of social media sites just waiting! Sometimes i think it would be easier if i wasnt on any of them, it would certainly be less distracting. Apologies for this turning into a little rant but i wanted to let you all know why i might post less often than before.
So what has been going on in my life?

1) Ive had a formal dinner held by the halls i am living in.

2) I went to BBC Radio 1Xtra live with my sister at the apollo. Saw Rita Ora for the second time and she was amazing! 

3) I have also been going to hospitals and GPs for placements for my course.
4) Some friends and i have been viewing houses that we might be living in next year. Its strange to be doing it so early, makes me feel all grown up haha.
5) Been planning meals for this weekend. I end up with so many things i want to cook when i take a trip to sainsburys.

So there is a little round up of my life lately. One thing i really wish is that i had an iphone so that i could snap photos all the time, i would love to have more memories like that. The blackberry camera is just not up to scratch. Thank you all for sticking with me! And hi to any new readers, my count is still slowly creeping up. Always puts a smile on my face.


Ps. I have been attempting to update my blog design a bit (but am completely useless at it) so if anyone has any tips or could help that would be really great.

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