Not so neon, neon blue

Monday, 26 November 2012




Neon Blue - American Apparel, Models Own white nail art pen, unknown - Accessorize

These photos arent great, but i blame the poor light. Its definitely not my bad camera skills.. Ok so maybe it is. But you can at least see the pattern i have gone for! Its similar to ones i have done before with little flowers but i love the colours used in this. The flowers also have more of an arrangement on my nail rather than dotted all over. I was inspired by this post i found on pinterest.
I only have to weeks of learning left in this semester at uni (cant believe it has gone so fast!) So i want to knuckle down this week and work extra hard. We have a case on breast cancer so its definitely one of the harder ones. Forewarning that i might be a bit MIA on the blog and twitter!
Hope everyone has a good week :)


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