#5 Christmas Nail Art

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Its getting so close to the big day now! I absolutely love christmas and am really excited to see all my family again and just be able to relax and share our presents. The thought of exams in the new year keeps creeping up on me though, and its not a nice feeling!
But for today i thought i would share with you some of my christmas nail art ideas. These reindeer are what i have had on my nails for the past few days. You have to admit its pretty cute. Its also really simple to do.



I used these two polishes from eyeko, and although they dont sell them anymore, Barry Ms mushroom is really similar to posh polish and there are loads of good reds out there. I painted the base in posh polish, and then added the antlers and nose in the black nail art pen. And the eyes were spots of white followed by a smaller spot of black. The main thing is to wait for each layer to dry before adding more!

Then this wheel is just a collection of nails ive tried out over the past month. I definitely have my favourites: the red and white fairisle print, the snowman and the christmas tree on the white background :)




I still dont know which one to choose to do for christmas day though!


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