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Thursday, 20 December 2012

That last minute mad rush to buy christmas presents in the week before christmas? I know ive been there before! Although i have done well this year and got all my christmas presents sorted, just need to find time to wrap them before the big day. But if you havent managed to get them all yet then keep reading, because this bath set would make a perfect gift.
I have used a few sanctuary products before because my sister used to buy some of there bits, but its never been a brand that i have gone out to buy (probably because i am rubbish at buying products to pamper myself with!) So i was looking forward to trying out this set that i was sent.

Sanctuary gift set

Sanctuary gift set

First of all how cute is the packaging! I love the bright pinks and oranges and the flower pattern across the clear front, this is definitely something i look out for when buying a product, especially as a gift. You can also smell the fragrance before you even open the packet! This one is their classic fragrance and it has quite a musky floral smell, although i think it is a very unisex smell as it isnt sweet.
I didnt have chance to photograph the actual products but have had the candle burning in my room and its just so lovely to have, its a great thing to have when you want to take 5 minutes to relax. I am going to try out the other products the next time i have enough time for a long bath! This is definitely a set that be great as a christmas or birthday present :)


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