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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Next Winter Window

I was contacted about a week ago about a competition to design a shop front window for Next. A while ago i just thought of Next as somewhere my mum used to shop for me when i was younger, but then i started to look through the catalogues that we got several times a year and realised they had some really great items! Since then i have bought jumpers, dress, lingerie and work wear from there, all at good prices and really fantastic quality, so thats why i decided to have a go at this.

Ok, so its a pretty eclectic shop window! But i wanted to pick items that showed different sides of winter and christmas. This jumper looks really snuggly and because the pattern isnt too out there (unlike some christmas jumpers!) it can be worn with so many things. The colour of the dress is one of my favourites for this time of year, and sequins are a christmas must. Then ive just kept it simple with a pair of peep toe black heels. This is the kind of outfit i would wear on christmas day for our big dinner, then the slippers are there to change into since christmas is actually much better when youre cosy! Finally, along the slipper line, is this damn cool onsie. I would change into this in the evening when we all watch a film and play games.

One thing i havent included in this shop window is homewares. Another thing which Next has a great selection of. I think this is a really cute way to display all your christmas cards and these tumblers would make a festive addition to the table :) overall i am pretty impressed by what next has to offer and would live to see these items in a shop window.


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