Denim shirt and a green knit

Tuesday, 11 December 2012



Jumper - Topshop, Shirt - UO Renewal, Jeans - Jack Wills, Converse - Office

Quick outfit for you, not done one in ages! I am back home now for the christmas holidays so some of you may notice iim in front of my usual wall and my lovely brother is taking my photos again. Hopefully i will be able to get some more frequent outfit shots for you over christmas!

This is quite a typical me outfit. As much as i love wearing skirts, dresses and tights you cant beat a pair of jeans, a big shirt and a jumper. I am actually looking out for a new pair of black skinny jeans. I love the really dark colour of these, but didnt realise at the time how low rise they were so they just annoy me! Got to love high waisted jeans :)

Its not something i mention often on here (because i know most people wont care haha) but i am a big football fan and support one of my local teams Bradford City. Tonight me and my dad are going to watch them and it is going to be one of the biggest games i have ever been too! We are playing at home against Arsenal in the cup with a sell out crowd! *excited squeal*

Bringing it back to something more relatable.. nails. This is my latest christmas nail art, a wintery snowflake design.

Snowflake design

Its really simple to do but i love how pretty it is and it goes with loads of outfits because its not too bright. Will be doing a big post on christmas nail art soon!

And i cant forget to mention the new illustration i have in my sidebar! It was done buy the wonderful Hannah who also writes a lovely blog so make sure you go and check that out :)


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