6 happy things from this week #1

Sunday, 20 January 2013

This week i also got my nose pierced, got a new phone and got instgram (alicelilymh).

- The SNOW! People can moan as much as they like on twitter but i love it when it snows. Especially since we only get it once or twice a year.

- Finishing my exams for semester one. A big relief getting them out the way even if they didnt go amazingly well.

- Treated myself to a bit of retail therapy (post to come).

- Had a really funny conversation with my mum and dad. Oh he does make me laugh!
Mum: think i am going to buy this top in the colour 'mole' too, i really like the blue one i have.
Me: thats nice, reminds me quite a bit of a taupe colour :)
Dad: now youre just making colours up!
(Returning 5 mins later) Dad: that skirt is lovely, would be nicer in the colour 'otter'...
Does not translate as well when it is typed out, was a 'had to be there moment' clearly.

- Went ice skating and to pizza hut with my boyfriend. Have not been ice skating in sooo long and i managed to not fall over, achievement.

- Watched Les Mis. Enough said.


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