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Monday, 7 January 2013

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I know we are a week into january, but better late than never! There a still a couple of things that i havent crossed off from last year, but here are the things i have been thinking about mainly for this year. Things are a bit different now i am away from home a lot of the time, but i also get longer breaks in the summer and would love to spend my time doing some things i have always wanted to do like road trips or travelling to a few places abroad. So here is my 13 for 2013 (it seemed like an appropriate number.)

One - make time to talk to and see my family as much as possible.
Two - work hard to pass my first year.
Three - take a road trip somewhere in the UK.
Four - get more tattoos.
Five - start a new feature on this blog.
Six - take more photos of everyday life.
Seven - visit London again.
Eight - keep in touch with all my friends.
Nine - go to ten places i have never been to before.
Ten - remember to fill up my 'happy jar'.
Eleven - read 20 new books. (Tally - ||||)
Twelve - get into a better sleeping pattern.
Thirteen - continue to blog.

I am hoping number six will be easier when i get a new phone, then i will have something to take good pictures on all the time, unfortunately my several years old blackberry just doesnt cut it!
Number ten comes from a great idea on pinterest, and i now have a jar on my desk so that when something good happens i write it down and collect them all so i can look through them at the end of the year. Sort of like a mini diary.
The one thing i real want to do though is to continue to blog. There will be times when it will be hard because my degree is pretty demanding! But i really enjoy writing down on here and definitely dont want to stop reading everyone elses blogs. I love being able to write as much or as little as i want and am quite proud of the little space on the internet. *Insert soppy moment here* I want to say a huge thank you to anyone that reads my blog. It means a lot to know that people enjoy the little bits of life that i post up here!


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