Looking Back On 2012

Saturday, 5 January 2013

I havent posted for quite a while, because i am busy revising and will be for the next few weeks until my exams are over. But i really wanted to write something down because its that time again where a lot of reflecting goes on. So i have two posts coming up (thought it might be too much to put inot one post!). I know it can all get a bit cliche, but my blog is a space that i know i will look back on so love to record things like this.

2012 went by in a flash for me! So many things have changed this year and its had its ups and its downs. I had a few things i hoped to complete and i did most of them, which makes it feel like i have achieved something. There are also things which are just really happy memories from this year.

I passed my driving test early on in January which was something i really wanted to do first time.

I bought my macbook which i had been saving up for - post here.

Went to northumberland for a few days break with the family - post here.

Started reading more books, especially since i got my kindle for christmas, and loved the Hunger Games this year - post here.

Started to really get into nail art and buy lots more nail polishes.

Went down to london with my ex boyfriend, and attended my first bloggers event - post here

Went to watch Coldplay at the Etihad stadium with my mum!

Went on a great family holiday in Portugal, where i turned 18 - post here.

I got the grades i needed at a-level to get into university!
So i have moved away from home and gone to uni where i have met some amazing people and started on my medicine course.

Had loads of great nights out alongside the handwork! (this one was geek night haha)

Went to radio 1xtra with my sister in manchester, saw rita ora for the second times!

Had a great christmas and new year back home with all my family :)

This has turned into quite a long post! I have had a year unlike any other and feel more grown up now than i ever have, although I'm sure i still have a long way to go. Ive got one more post on some of the things i hope to do and achieve in 2013 coming up :)

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