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Sunday, 13 October 2013

 Grown-up grilled cheese sandwhich
 Grilled halloumi salad
 Lentil and cauliflower curry
Broccoli and cheese bites
Halloumi and couscous stuffed roasted peppers

Since moving into my new house in september and actually having a nice kitchen I have been looking for new recipes everywhere! I have been a vegetarian since I was 8 and my favourite things to eat definitely have to be any cheese based dish and pasta. But lately I have started to use a lot more lentils and vegetables as the main part.
Pinterest is one of my favourite places to find great recipes and then I often adapt them to suit my tastes and budget. All of these photos look mouthwatering! And I seem to have developed a thing for halloumi.. I am doing a version of the salad recipe tonight and then think I will try the peppers next week. The lentil curry will be a perfect winter warmer in the next few months.
What are your go to dishes? And do you have a place where you keep all your favourite recipes to try?

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