Manicure Monday #1

Monday, 14 October 2013

Since I last stopped blogging back in February my nail polish collection has only grown and grown. I still love doing nail art, although often don't have enough time. But I though I would share on here when I did create a pattern or use a colour I like. My latest attempt is inspired by Caroline's nails from last month.

R-L: topshop 'green room', models own white nail art pen, seche vite dry fast top coat

It definitely takes a steady hand, and doing my right nails needs a bit more practice, but I love the finished look. I have had quite a few people compliment me on it the past few days. I went for one larger print on each nail and then filling in around it with dots or little patterns. It made it easier to fit everything onto each nail.
I am also loving the seche vite topcoat! I got it for my birthday over summer and use it all the time now and it has definitely helped to make my polish last longer.


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  1. Charlotte Lucy Philpotts15 October 2013 at 13:40

    They look lovely. I have such an unsteady hand so I am rubbish at nail art (sob!). Yours look beautiful though! x


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