Is It 2014 Already?

Friday, 3 January 2014

I love new years, new beginnings. But at the same time I believe that if you want to make changes you can do them at any point in the year.
This year has been another big one for me, I think I will be saying that for the next few years as I have been for the past few as well! University is such a big change and life just doesn't stop, there is always something going on, always something to do. I have also done plenty with family and friends whenever I get the opportunity.
When I think back on 2013 I have some great memories; I went on a short family break to a lovely house up on Hadrian's Wall, I went to Wembley twice to see my football team play, I passed my first year of medical school and met some amazing people along the way, I went to Parklife with one of my best friends and had the most relaxed weekend ever, I attended a trial shoot to model for Asos and, although I haven't been back since, it was great experience,  I went on two amazing family holidays to the Outer Hebrides and Copenhagen, I volunteered at Leeds festival with my two best friends, I saw Vampire Weekend and The Fratellis live in Manchester and to top it all off I spent a wonderful Christmas and new year with all of my family.

Looking down Hadrian's Wall

My dad and I at Wembley (round 2!)

Sunny Parklife

Driving up to the Outer Hebrides

One of my mums snaps when I got back from the Asos shoot

My beautiful mum and I at christmas 

The traditional Christmas day walk!

I set myself 13 goals for 2013 this time last year and although I haven't 'completed' them all I feel very happy. Goals were just that, goals, and not something that I wanted to force myself to do over the year. Also things change as the year goes on and I actually decided that I didn't want to complete all of them. For instance for now I am happy just with the tattoo I have got and don't want to add any more just yet. Also, as much as I would have loved to have continued blogging all the way through the year I got so busy around exam time that it just wasn't possible. But this did allow me to complete my other goals of passing my first year, making time to see my family and keeping in touch with friends.
What I do wish I had had the opportunity to do is travel more. I definitely didn't manage to visit 20 new places and didn't road trip around the UK. However this year will be different! I have dates in my diary in summer for an interrail round Europe with my two best friends which I am so excited for. It would be great if anyone has been before to link me to posts or give me a few tips!

I have many more times to look forward to in 2014 but think I will write another blog post about what I want to achieve, although it is going to be a little different to last years post.


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