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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Was a busy day on Friday which is why i didnt post. Me and my brother had a little outing into town. I needed to pick up a few things - like a diary for school, some new pencils and pens - just the basics. And some Rimmel Lasting Finish in perfect plum which i've had my eye on for a while. I also dragged him into a few charity shops. Found some bargains! A big furry coat for only £3. It is a bit on the big side but you can't go wrong for that amount of money. Also discovered some tailored pants with a sweatpant waist which were orignally from Zara, they were only £4.55. I'll get some pictures up asap but i dont really have any good settings which isn't helpful.
We took a trip to the park after. They have boats, a little steam train, a playground and a little paddling pool. What more could you want! I beat him easily at football too.

This was in the cafe with a chocolate brownie and a can of Coca Cola.

Today was also my first session of pilates. I feel that i just dont exercise enough! I mean i tried the gym but just wasn't motivated enough. I thought that if i had a session to go to it would mean i definately go. Not only will it improve my fitness but also my flexibility. I swear i am the least flexible person in the world (i can't even though my toes!) To round up the day i went to watch a football match with my dad. Oh the joys of watching your team lose, yet again. But it makes good time to see my dad which is always lovely.

This evening i've pulled boxes of old photos out of the loft which i have been meaning to do for ages. I told myself that i was going to make my dad an album for his 50th birthday. Some of the photos are great! And i also got quite inspired by some of my mums old clothes. Definately have to root around in the back of her wardrobe since there was an amazing polka-dot dress in the photos from the 80's.

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