autumn/winter 2010

Monday, 30 August 2010

1. Rectangle Face Watch from Urban Outfitters £16- 2. Knitted Cable Jumper from Topshop £48- 3. Berry Tights from Topshop £8- 4.Sheepskin Flying Jacket from Topshop £58- 5. Leopard Skinny Belt from Miss Selfridge £8- 6. Heeled Brogues from Office £62- 7. Leather Lace Up Ankle Boots from Asos £45- 8. Over The Knee Socks from Asos £4- 9. Wine Red Nail Polish from Marks And Spencer £2.50- 10. Leather School Satchel from Topshop £55- 11. Lace Up Heeled Clogs from Asos £70- 12. Leopard Fur Collar Car Coat from Topshop £85.

Okay, so I know its still August but I really love the autumn/winter collections that have come out! I've been inspired loads by the blogs i read so thank you. The colours are very neutral and quite dark but i would love to add some colours on my lips and nails, at the moment i love the deep wine colours that are available. So this knitted jumper from topshop is so adorable. The only problem is i'm not sure how i could wear it, having the same problem with the shearling jacket. I mean they look great but i really dont know if it would go with my clothes. The more sensible option would be the Leopard Fur Collar Car Coat, i mean i have a black coat quite like this but the shaping is different, and it doesnt have the leopard print collar! I really love leopard print - on bags, belts, coats, scarves, shoes - anything. Hence the belt i've put into my wishlist. Found this as a cheaper alternative to the one at Urban Outfitters but i'm sure if i looked there would be one at primark or in a charity store. I only want it to be cheap since i'll probably look back and go 'eurgghh leopard print!' Down to shoes. I really need some heels in my life. Its shocking. I'm a sixteen year old girl and i dont own a pair of heels. My mum has always been against them since they 'ruin your feet' and also i think its because i am tall already so dont want to be any taller. But this season i dont think i can go by without a pair of heels. Tried on the heeled brogues in Office so many times and every time i've told myself i'd buy them next time and never have. I've absolutely fallen in love with the heeled clogs from Asos and as soon as i get a bit more money i am having them in my life! I can even wear them with the over the knee socks, win!
My only problem is what normal clothes to buy to go with all this, eg. tops, blouses, shorts, trousers, skirts? I have a few pairs of tailored trousers in but for like the past year i have lived in skinny jeans which i really need to get out of. Need something more feminine yet still warm for the winter. Going to wait a few more days before i buy anything because i will then have my student discount card. How exciting.


  1. ooo who wouldn't want that gorge sheepskin jacket- love it!

  2. Seeing this comment made me all excited cause i follow your blog <3


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