Friday, 24 September 2010


Zara has some of the most amazing clothes this season, right up my street. The colours are the perfect for A/W although you would need to mix them with something a bit different so it wasnt too bad. Got some thick tight s from UO from last winter which i shall be getting out the draw, they are so warm. Not sure if i could pick a favourite out of these items, although the rabbit tee is cute, but i adore the corduroy shorts. Would have never even have considered something like this before, but with these being 'on trend' and me managing to branch into some new styles i would love a pair! Today hasnt been the best of days. I counted up all my money - or what i have left - and it isnt a lot. I am also ill which isnt helping things. Going to have one of those lazy weekends late mornings and early nights. Am going to the cinema tomorrow evening though with a few friends i havent seen in a while and my boyfriend. Going to see The Expendables i think, any good? I would love to have a good moan about how the work from college is making me so tired, but i think its mainly my fault. I should really start getting to bed earlier and not staying up to silly times in the morning. We can only hope for the best.
Big thanks to anyone who actually takes the time to read this blog, it means a lot.


I love to know what people think of my posts and will try and check out your blog and reply. So thank you for the comments! :)