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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ok. So I've had more chances to go into charity shops lately since i have been going through Brighouse a lot - which has loads of charity stores! So far this week i've bagged myself a snakeskin style black X body bag (oh so old) for £3.50, a little black dress which was originally from Miss Selfridge reduced to £4.50, which could go with anything, and a pair of indigo denim shorts. I'd been meaning to get some for some time - the kind with the dangling out the bottom pockets - and since these were only £3 i thought why not, except they dont have the pockets but you cant have everything, right? Can layer them with tights and a little tan belt for a more winter look. Think i'm going to start a shift a week in one once term has started properly. Not only does it help out, looks good on my CV and works towards DoE, bonus! But it means i get to search through the rails for some bargains before everyone else. Oxfam here i come...
Watching some of these Reading + Leeds Fest highlights is quite depressing. All the great bands i missed out on! Like mumford and sons - lostprophets - kids in glass houses - you me at six - arcade fire - blink 182 and so many more. Saving up already to make sure i have enough money for next year. Its so bloody expensive!

Slight downer tonight since the football team i have played for for 8 years has just folded. So when i got back after the match we played i was very happy to see a homemade apple and blackberry crumble my mum had made. This really shows me its becoming autumn and the new term is starting cause we always go blackberry picking round this time.

She makes them so well.

Note to self: must not go to bed so late. although i am allowed just for tonight since i am waiting for a text from my boyfriend who is coming back from Turkey. but no excuses tommorrow cause i have to be up about 5 o'clock!

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