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Friday, 1 October 2010

A little look into my bag which i carried around college today - exception being i carry my folder separately - but we can pretend i didnt.

My College Bag 1/10/10

I am missing my phone out of this photo! ooops.

1. College diary/ lined paper/ file- 2. Mirror- 3. Pencil Case- 4. Nail file- 5. 'Extra Super Lash' mascara- 6. Rimmel nail varnish- 7. Lip balm- 8. Bus pass- 9. Purse- 10. Ipod and headphones- 11. No7 powder- 12. Keys.

Each thing i guess has something behind it. Number one are the things that are essential for me to actually do well at college, the kind of must haves in a lesson. I quite like having a bright red folder so even a duller outfit gets brightened up. Got my mirror (2) in one of those sets that you get from at least one friend for a birthday or Christmas every year! Although this one has come in quite useful - it has some lovely little images on the casing too. Got my pencil case (3) as a present in 2009. I think it is adorable and would love to be able to make one like that myself one day.. I then have a series of smaller necessities (4-7). I really like the mascara i use at the moment. I mean i have fairly long lashes to start with but this enhances them without going into clumps. This lip balm is also great! Bought in Italy when out on a ski trip with a friend and we each bought one. They are pocket size and have a great softening effect immediately - plus they smell delicious. Number 8 is how we get around in West Yorkshire. We have like a 'half fare pass' and them i buy a monthly pass which gets me on as many buses as i want in a month. Not bad eyyy? My purse (9) was a charity shop find. Some of the styles that were in the shops weren't dissimilar to this. And although i wouldn't have usually picked this colour out it was a bargain at £2.50. I dont think i could live without my music! (10) But recently i had some problems since my ipod wouldn't work, and then i lost my headphones. The ones in the photos are just temps, new ones are on their way from good old Amazon. I carry eleven for some touch ups around college. Im not the biggest make up person but this has lasyed me a while and looks good. Fianlly number 12. My keys. They get me into my house at the end of the day. I also have one with a pretty pattern on which my mum let me have done when i first got my keys.
And thats a look into my college bag today. Minus my phone cause i forgot that was in my pocket. What do you take to school/college?

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  1. :) Girl's bags are fascinating! Yours is a lot neater and organised than mine! xx


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