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Monday, 27 September 2010

Spending my 'study time' wisely i went into town a did a quick spot of shopping in town. Had no luck in the vintage stores today but I suppose thats good cine i am trying to save money, unsuccessfully. Instead i found a great camel coloured cardigan in British Heart Foundation. Its a bit bigger than i would have hoped for but i mean you can go wrong for £3.30! It had a slight collar it and buttons up the front, the buttons are only simple but i dont think it needs anything else. I also finally got round to buying a pair of winter shoes. They are from Office so they didnt come cheaply. I cajoled my mum into giving me half the money for them so they only cost me about £30 (very annoyed with myself though that i forgot to get student discount! I seem to forget every time i go shopping!) Ive had my eye on them for a while, ideally i would have gone for the softer looking fur lined ones since personally i think they looked a bit better and would have been more comfortable. These are a different style but are a 'chocolate' colour lace up boot - going to have to find a good pair of warm socks to match them.

I have several pairs of thick socks from when i had an obsession with them a few years back. Cant say that i know where most of them are any more though which is a shame. Used to have some lovely grey ones with little dark pink lines of flowers running up either side from UO.

01. My job search has come to a halt. A few jobs have come up but the hours just dont fit
     in around college.
02. College - settled in great and the work hasnt been too bad so far. Running out of
     clothes to wear though - feel like i need a new outfit every day!
03. I need to start some regular exercise so badly. I stopped football after last season, and
     cricket is only played during the summer. Would love to be able to do the gym but that
     costs money and just doesnt really appeal to me. Maybe i should start running? Or
     maybe not..
04. One thing that is really stressing me at the moment is my ipod. I mean i can deal with
      computers and ipods but not when they all break and things start to get techy! Which
      is what has happened with my ipod atm.
05. Finally i need to buy my boyfriend somthing for his birthday. Its a while off but i want
     it to be special. Its a 17th and any ideas would be great. Ta.


  1. the boots are FIT.<3
    i always seem to forget my boots advantage card,so annoying i would have abut £20 worth of points haha!:Dx

  2. Those boots are so cute! I've been looking for a good pair of short lace-ups too... it's difficult on a student's budget!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog, come back any time :)Your blog is lovely!

    <3 Alison

  3. i totally need some boots, just cant seem to find any i like, though those are so nice! :)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog ^_^ I got the pictures off www.weheartit.com, just randomly found them there! i miss them too, i think i'll work on it :D


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