one month on.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Okay so i've had kittens now for just over a month. They are 3 months old and they are the most adorable things ever! They are still pretty small and wont be fully grown till at least february. Ive taken hundreds of picutres since we got them and so they kind of tell a little story. Ive picked a few out to share with you for this post. I apologise in advance for the not so great quality, they arent the easiest thing to photograph!

When we first got them i took pictures of them doing just about anything. After that i would get my camera out at certain events - like their first time outside. I think i was more nervous than they were! And when Dylan sat and watched the tv whilst my brother played on the wii. And when i came upstairs to find zebedee, the fully black kitten, in our lights washing bag. Its those moments where i need to take a picture. Hope everyone has had a good weekend.


  1. oh my lord they are adorable! I miss my kitty being so small! She's 4 now and still act liek a baby xx

  2. I absolutely adore kittens, my friends cat has just had 4 I can't wait to go and see them. Lovely pictures :)


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