Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Think im going to start doing a pick of the week. Add something slightly more regular to my blog until i get round to doing some outfit posts, which will happen! I will choose one item (although i doubt ill be able to stick to just one item most weeks) that has caught my eye whilst ive been online shopping, or just shopping for that matter. They wont always be extravegant pieces since that isnt particularly my style but sometimes something a bit different gets my attention. Since its now a tuesday night i'll do it on a tuesday. Seems reasonable. So this week is plain and simple but so gorgeous.

The beauties are from zara and i think they will go with just about anything. Velvet is a material that is starting to come back in. Dont think i will be brave enough to wear it in some of my key pieces yet so i think ill start on the shoes.

In other parts of my life i am wuite looking forward to the opening of the pool and fitness complex only 2 minutes from where i live! Then i will have no excuse to do a bit more exercise. I will probably get a membership and go along to a few of the classes with mates after college. Can also use the gym and pool as often as i like then, a little luxury.


  1. these are so cute, and so versatile too! Only thing is, they kind of remind me of slippers...?! haha, but that just means they'd be dead comfy!

    thanks for commenting my blog sweet :)
    Fashion Stereotype

  2. This idea is so cute! But i can forsee it's gonna be hard on my bank balance!!!

    You have such a cute blog and those pictures on the sidebar of you are absolutely beautiful!! xxx

  3. those are gorgeous shoes.
    i love moccasins.<3

    kisses form lace&leather.xoxo


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