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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Today i took a morning trip to a vintage fair. Never really been to anything like this before so i was really looking forward to it. There were several stalls in a hotel in town. It was quite dark inside hence the quality of the photos + the fact i had to ask to take photos cause no one else was, so whenever i took one everyone looked! They were some fabulous pieces and i could have bought so much. But right now i am a tiny budget what with xmas coming up and all. The fur coats were gorgeous, i nearly bought a flannel shirt, definitely inspired by all the jewelry and the cupcakes were delicious! The woman on the stall let me take some snaps which i am going to put up on their facebook page - here is their website though http://www.sweetsugarsixpence.co.uk. Take a look if you get chance because seriously i could have eaten 10 of them! The second two pictures are from Trilbies and Tassels who had some lovely things. I really wish i had more money and would definately have bought one of the necklaces.

Blouse - vintage - £10, Black topshop jeans - £40, Moss satchel - ebay - £18, Topshop coat - £75

I only bought one thing whilst i was there. A 1960s original AA bag. It is in a lovedly faded yellow/camel and has a strap to go over the shoulder. It was priced at £10 but i got it for £7 with a bit of bargaining. Cant wait to use it at college, it even fits my folder in! Hope everyone else had a good weekend.


  1. Oh this looks lovely, nothing better than a vintage rummage :)

    R x


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