Embrace christmas

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Right now i am lusting over chunky knits. To be fair i think i have alot already but you can never have too many. Cause of this cold weather, which i doubt anyone can have missed, i have needed them all the time. But this one from topshop has just about everything in one jumper! Burgundy, christmas, knitted, chunky, warm, reindeer, jumper. How could you not just want it?! But seeing as i dont have £48 lying around it looks like i wont be getting that.
Instead i am going to check out the sale at Yayer from 9pm tomorrow evening! They are going to have loads of products reduced. Also im going to do an outfit post tomorrow if i have time. I have a few new things that i want to show all my lovely followers. Some jeans which my boyfriend bought me (youll know about them if you follow me on twitter) and a handknit cardigan which my mum bought me from a charity shop. She is too kind.


  1. That jumper is intense but there will be loads in vintage shops this time of year for less than half that. Bloody Topshop!

    R x

  2. this is so cute ! It reminds me of the sweater Seth wore one Chrismukkah on the OC!

  3. that knit is sooo cute! I wish it was winter during our christmas so I could wear things like that!

  4. i love chunky knits!

    ps. the ring is from ysl :)

  5. I would like to have a sweater like that!
    Haha that's funny what "Chelsea" said! that it looks like the sweater of Seth in the O.C! :) Love it!




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