C is for Cake

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

 01. Found 'Stray Jewellery' recently and they have some lovely things on there. I went for the ring cause i could not choose between the amazing choice of necklaces that they have. Their pricing is reasonable and the postage is free which is always a bonus. Animal rings, well rings in general, are an actual obsession of mine atm. So you know, feel free to send me things ;)

02. I bought some new shoes today. In fact i bought some heels. Now this may seem odd for a 16yr old girl but this is the first of heels that i have owned. I am already 5"7 so have never wanted to be any taller. But how can you resist these at just £30!

Sorry for the poor quality of pictures. The lighting is bad, and they are a little fuzzy.

03. Cake, as the title says. Its my boyfriends birthday in just 1 hour so i made him this cake last night. To be quite honest i am very proud of myself. I didnt make the actual cake section, thats just a swiss roll, but icing it and all the fiddly wings took a bit of doing! 5 hours to be precise. This is the end product. He better be grateful!

04. Bought Glamour magazine today, mainly for the free Nails inc nail varnish but ill read the mag too. I got Saville Row which is a dark purple with what seems to be a slight reddish tint. Its quite similar to Temptress by No7. Its lovely and smooth to apply and only needs one coat which is ggod since then it lasts for longer. Will probably end up buying anouther Glamour just for some of the other polishes.

05. Follow five: Rebecca, Sabrina, Beth, Charlotte, Kavita


  1. that ring is super cute! i'm definitely going to check out that website :) and well done on the cake, it's brilliant he'll definitely love it! xo

  2. im in love with that ring!!

    stop by sometime<3


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