Thursday, 11 November 2010

Eeeeee! I received my new ring from Vipxo yesterday and i love it. It was an absolute bargain at only £3.50. She makes scrabble rings and braclets and sells them from her blog which is a great idea. They have an adjustable ring so will fit any finger size which is incredibly useful seeing as most of the rings i have will only fit on one or two fingers! Totally reccomend buying one.

I wore this ring + the others when i went out for my boyfriends 17th. I took him for a surprise meal which i think he loved. I also embarassed him by telling the restaurant it was his birthday and have them play music and bring out cake - i swear he is going to get me back for that. It was a great night though.


  1. Ohhhh it looks wicked! I hope your fella had a lovely birhday :) xo

  2. ahh i love your rings! lovely style


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