Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Just a quick post before i fall fast asleep. Bought this nail varnish whilst out shopping for presents. I know, xmas presents and its not even December yet! This is a new shade [mushroom] from Barry M and one ive been looking for for a while, Rimmel have never had quite the shade i want.

I took the idea of my nails from Gem's blog. I used Rimmel liquid eye liner to the black curve on the bottom of my nail. I gave in after the second nail on my right hand and got my mum to do it for me. Isnt she lovely. The line just wasnt smooth enough when i did it! It was clearly a family effort for my nails because then i got my brother to take the second photo for me. Really love having something other than the simple block colour on my nails. And its relatively easy to do if you have steady hands.
Right now all i want to do is buy ridiculous amounts of nail varnish and rings! I have lists and lists of the ones i would buy if only i had the money. Well enough of the little rant. Time for bed.

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