Theres a first for everything

Monday, 15 November 2010

Old black vest, charity shop cardi (BHS) - £3.50, charity shop shorts - £3, charity shop belt - 50p, broken clock necklace - Portobello Market - £8, black tights - Tesco

This is my first ever outfit post. I know the pictures are over editted but i'm only learning. I'll get better as i do a few more i hope. Think i'm gonna aim for one or two a week but that might be a bit ambitious. I quite like this outfit. Although i was freezing outside! The cardigan is much paler IRL but you cant really go wrong with a camel coloured knit for this season. I wore it with my topshop coat, miss selfridge scarf and ugg boots. I'll get a photo of my coat another time.

Forever21 opened up its UK site today! Feels like i have been waiting an age for it. HERE.
And today made me very happy cause i got sent a dress from Freya :) will do a full post on it later in the week.


  1. i love your clothes, expecially the cardigan!


  2. love the way you've put together this outfit :)
    and that clock necklace is superb!
    following now :)

    Rosie x


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