Festival of Light

Monday, 6 December 2010


My family, me, my boyfriend and two of my friends all went the Huddersfield Light Festival on Saturday evening. It was freezing! But it was also good fun. The top two pictures were women on stilts with very large lit up wire dresses. And the last picture was taken at the end of the festival where 8 dancers where lifted into the air on a crane. They dropped glitter and streamers and balloons.
Continuing the festive spirit we got out christmas tree on Sunday. I look forward to it every year. This year we are on a red and gold theme and it looks very pretty, just my room to finish doing now. Anyone else love decorating the tree?

Got an outfit post for tomorrow which probably means my pick of the week will be moved to Wednesday. Think im going to have a bit of a round up, i dont know what they are like to read but it actually really helps writing them.


  1. wow the festival of lights looks stunning x


  2. Wow that festival looks amazing. I'm thinking of going to Uni in Huddersfield in September, it looks like a nice place :). x

  3. Stasie - it is! And its pretty big x
    Ella - thanks, it was a good evening :) x
    Emma - you should go! Im not there but hudds is a nice place and pretty near to everything else too :) x


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