Getting a bit crafty.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

001. I made these christmas cards this evening. Its taken me ever since i got back from college at half 3! I have made thirty cards for friends and family. They are very simple, one felt shape on a white A6 card. I chose stocking, snowman, gingerbread man, bell, xmas tree, candy cane and all in a range of block colours. They are easy to make so why not have a go.

002. I also have these beauties to post about. I got them on saturday at the light festival i did a post about.

I think i might even have a go at making a few of my own pairs of these if i get a bit of time. Let me know if you might be interested in buying a pair :)

003. Everyone needs to check out this post and go on to spread the word. Bee (from vivatramp) wrote a post about domestic violence and its so inspiring, click here to see it.


  1. Omg these are adorable! I'm on a massive budget this year so will definetly be doing this! xxx

  2. i love these cards! i buy charity cards, but i always make the gift tags on my presents

    ps, i'm having a christmas jumper giveaway (:

  3. i love these. they're amazing :)

  4. wow those cards are so cute!! xx

  5. Lovely blog! You got a New follower here!




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