Oh how time flies

Friday, 3 December 2010

photo from we heart it.

This week has been disrupted by snow. Given me quite alot of time out of college which has had its ups and its downs. It meant i saw my friends and got to relax a bit and forget work, but it also meant i had work to catch up with and gave me time to realise how much i realistically have to do over the next couple of months. Bit of a pessimistic post, ooops. Going shopping tommorrow with my boy and two good friends (although i have zero money) which will be lovely :) Oh and i changed my blog header, getting into the festive spirit of this season. Thanks for reading guyz.


  1. i love your header!! it is so cute and it has been snowing non stop where i live to!!

  2. love this. you have such a cool blog. love the header





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