Owl ring

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I actually think these all go together quite nicely. I really like the colour of the shirt (seem to be liking this colour in everything at the moment). I created the image for this post a few days back and since then the owl ring seems to have sold out, i did see one in my local store yesterday though. Tried these shoes on today too, my feet are really narrow which means i kind of slip out of them :( plus my boyfriend didnt seem too happy that i was taller than him in them.
ps. i forgot to add on how excited i am about christmas in 3 sleeps!


  1. I really want that shirt and those shoes too. Tried them on also today, and had the same problem.. they are gorgeous though.

    R x

  2. aww i love the owl ring its so cute

    and im loving that colour at the moment too,its so wintery :)


  3. I love that owl ring! Actually I love anything with an owl in it hehe
    Forever21has the cutesy ones :D (for a cheap price!)

  4. I have that shirt and bought it for the colour, so gorgeous. I wish I could walk in heels like that, 'cause I would just snap those babies up!

    Rosie x

  5. love the colour of that shirt!


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