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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Topshop: shorts £18 and top £10.80

I returned the blouse i bought from New Look today but i just couldnt resist the topshop sale. I had tried on these shorts before and put them back because im just not sure when i can wear them, or what with. Any suggestions? I also bought this breton top. I dont actually have one so thought that £10.80 was a bargain. The material is quite thick and it is long sleeves so it may not be the best for summer, but you never know with british weather.
I went to see 127 hours tonight too but more on that tomorrow, i do recommend it though!

edit: just a note to say i have decided to return the shorts since i probably wont get enough wear out of them. although i am happy to sell them on for the price i bought them plus p&p if anyone wants to buy them. they are a size 6.


  1. I really want those shorts, can't believe they were only £20! Just wear them with black tights and a baggy top! x

  2. I do love a good ol' Breton stripe.
    They're so easy to pull off :)
    And I reckon it'll be fine for our summer, haha.

    Rosie x

  3. Love the striped top. Both items were such bargains! x

  4. I've wanted those shorts for SO long, I didn't even realise they we're in the sale!! And i neeed a breton striped top. I have one but it's so thin and annoying this one looks lovely xx

  5. Love those shorts, they're amazing x


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