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Sunday, 13 March 2011

 Pretty picture from weheartit, means nothing but looks nice.

This weekend has been all about the little things. I have done a bit of work, sorted my finances, written a letter to the GP, tidied cupboards and draws and played with my cat.
I will be applying to unis in about 6 months and that is pretty scary! Well it seems it at the moment. I am having to do a lot of preparation seeing as i want to study medicine. I have been on day courses, done voluntary work, secured placements in hospitals and still looking to do more. Right now things are going okay but i can tell it will all get pretty stressful. Little overview of my life for you there.
Whilst sorting my money i have come to the conclusion that after my Leeds Fest ticket has been bought i am going to blow the rest on a s/s wardrobe, and sell some of the clothes i have. A big clear out is long overdue.


  1. I need a big clothes clearout too, I just keep putting it off! You're so well prepared about uni, I was pretty clueless at the time! Best of luck for getting even more experience :) xx

  2. I have such a love of gorgeous tea cups! That one is smashing, no pun intended!
    Good luck with the uni applications, medicine is a long slog but its great that you are going into it with your eyes focused.


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