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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Rounded corners are taking over my blog. Cardigan - H&M, Denim playsuit - Warehouse, Top - American Apparel

I wore this yesterday but didnt get round to editing the photos till today. Whenever i take outfit photos they always end up looking really washed out, any tips? Also, ways to not look awkward in front of a camera?
This outfit was inspired by the slightly warmer and sunnier weather we seemed to be having. I wasnt going without tights just yet but a cute playsuit and thin short sleeved tee felt fairly spring like. And then it had to be cloudy, misty, rainy, foggy and everything else all day! I wasnt best pleased. Still i think i am going to get alot of wear out of this playsuit this summer, its been sitting in my wardrobe for long enough.

I now have a ton of work to do. Pshychology was cancelled today so i came home early, yay. But i havent done any of the work set which is in for tomorrow, oops. I also have a billion and one maths past papers to do so i had best get cracking. Hope everyone enjoys their wednesday.


  1. that playsuit is really cute! like dungarees but more wearable? and nicer to look at haha. lovely xo

  2. SO cute. Dear above, dungarees are awesome.
    I'm usually behind the camera & i'm always scared of getting infront. Top tip = blowing raspberries and move around, I love angles. x hivennn

  3. The dungarees are lovely :) I have do much work to do as well.....yet I'm still reading blogs! xx

  4. oh I love the playsuit, I'm desperate for my own pair of dungarees but still haven't got round to purchasing any! They're a great transitional piece and just look so cute! x

  5. This is adorable, I need another playsuit, haha. I always feel so awkward in my photos too. I just dance around, pull silly faces and play with camera angles and zoom. As long as I take HEAPS of photos, I'll usually end up with a few good ones I can use!



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