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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Dress - Portobello market, Coat - topshop, Boots - Office, Necklaces - Assorted.

The weather hasnt been as good recently as it was last week but i decided to get an outfit post done outside. Thanks again to my lovely brother who takes the photos for me. I hate how awkward i tend to look in them though! In the first picture is my cat, Zebedee, all black and totally adorable. I wore this to college today and quite like this outfit, really started wearing more skirts and dresses (developing an aversion to trousers). I also did my nails using Gem's Tuesday tips. I used the pin in the rubber of a pencil style, and although my left nails are noticeably neater they turned out pretty well. I have a base coat of Barry M mushroom and No7 turquoise on top for the dots. This weekend i am looking forward to seeing my boyfreind and going to watch Hamlet performed by the amateur theatre group in town, I also get to see my best friend who i havent seen in a while.


  1. your nails look really pretty x

  2. I like you nails and totally get what you mean by wearing skirts more often :)
    Have fun at hamlet:)

  3. Your nails look fab and I am SO jealous of that dress!

  4. Love the nails and your entire look!

  5. wish my brothers were nice enough to take outfit photos for me hahah, you look lovely. I love the dress xxx

  6. cute necklaces! they are so adorable!
    and cute polka dot nails! love them!
    Krissy xoxo


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