Monday, 28 March 2011

Hat - h&m, Jumper - topshop, Shorts and top - rokit

I really want this whole outfit! The colours are perfect. Pastel greens, blues and peaches. I dont actually own any hats, dont reall think they suit me that much, but i can make an exception for this one. The list of things i want for this spring summer is ever increasing which isnt good, especially on the budget i have. A girl can dream. What are your key pieces for this s/s?


  1. This hat is beautiful! Love the colour scheme x

  2. Loving the hat! All the pieces seem to go together so well :)

  3. i reeaaly want a hat like this :D it will look gorg in summer. they sell them where i work for like £6.00 or something and i may just have to buy it with my 50% discount :) can't say no really. <3

  4. I love these pieces of clothing :)expecially the sleevless top it made me happy :)


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