Monday, 7 March 2011

DMs and Vans - Office, Shorts - Rokit.co.uk, Skirt and scalloped crop tops - Topshop

Okay so i am being a tad optimistic about the weather but what can i say, i want summer! DMs and Vans have been on my list for a while, they are pretty much timeless. I still need to decide between black or brown though. I prefer the brown but would probably get more wear out of the black?
I am embracing the scalloped trend (actually dont think there is one haha) but these tops are so cute. They come in a variety of colours but these colours are much more s/s. Oh, and they show my tattoo which is just too cool ;) The skirt is also from TS and i found it in a pink instore but not on the web, either way i want it. And finally i need to invest in a pair of vintage levis. They have quite a few pairs on rokit.co.uk so i think an order from there might be needed.


  1. OH i am still so jealous you got a tattoo. I still want one so so much, Love the scalloped tops! and the levi shorts, they're always great! i have about 3 pairs and i wear them so so much in the summer i never take them off. I've been wanting vans for ages now!! I want some burgundy ones or plain black i dunno..or white actually (haha sorry rambling) xo

  2. oh those scallop shirts are beautiful. so bright, pretty and summery x

  3. oh gosh, i too, have had DM's on my wishlist for like....forever! i just can't afford it yet! and i prefer that brown ones too! hehe!
    I love the scallop shirts, they are so adorable! ><
    really looking forward to spring and summer, just warmer weather in general! (:
    Krissy xoxo

  4. Love the scallop shirts! What is your tattoo of?
    You should take a look at my MAC and H&M giveaway here :) xxx

  5. You are not the only one wanting summer lol, It needs to hurry up and show itself! I really like tha skirt! x

  6. I can't wait for summer either!
    What is your tattoo of and where abouts do you have it? I have one on my hip, but I really want another soon!
    I love all of the pieces you've chosen an I'm definately with you on the scallop front! xx

  7. I love those shirts, the scalloped detail is adorable and the contrasting collar is a great touch. Love your list!


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