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Saturday, 16 April 2011




01. This week i took the plunge and ombred my hair. My friend did it for me on thursday evening and i will get a picture up asap. There is one on twitter if you follow me there.

02. It is finally the Easter holidays! They have taken so long to come round this year because they are like 2 weeks late. But i cant wait to have a litttle less pressure. Although i have so much revision to do for my exams coming up just a few weeks after i come back.

03. My holiday started pretty badly, it is a long story and has left me feeling pretty down. Especially at the moment. But hey, you cant contorl everything however much you try. You have to let people make their own stupid mistakes.

04. One thing i really cant wait to do is go shopping cause i have saved up quite a bit of money. I got a really cute skirt off my granny today though. It is a midi, polkadot, flowy skirt and i am looking forward to trying it on.

05. Sorry for it being another one of these posts. I dont know whether these are better than no posts or not?


  1. you got Easter holidays already? Lucky you! I will only have Thu and Fri as the days left :(

  2. Can't wait to see the photo! Plus love the photos! Hope you visit back :) www.swampedinflowers.blogspot.com

  3. these photos are so cute. so jealous of your easter holidays already!




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