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Monday, 10 October 2011

Leggings and boots - Topshop
Stripy top - Zara

A few more things on my ever growing wish list. Think i am going to invest in a pair of chelsea boots this season and i like the shape of these a lot. I also currently seem to have a major weakness for stripes!
I have placed an order on urban outfitters taking advantage of their 15% off deal. I have ordered three tops and a wolly hat. So i will show you those when they arrive along with a few other new purchases.
Oh, and i am on the hunt for a good khaki parka (that sounds weird) for winter. So far i have been pretty unsucessful so if any one has seen any good ones in the shops at the moment then let me know :)

I really wanted to get an outfit post or something done today but i dont know how to get any decent photos. All the fam are busy and there is nowhere i can really put the camera to get it on self timer. Going to try sort something though, i wear my own clothes everyday seeing as im in college so it would be nice to show you what i wear.



  1. I must have those boots from topshop!
    I'd second that too, stripes have been growing on me a lot lately, becoming a slight obsession!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. Love the striped top, i bought some chelsea boots from Monki today! can't wait for them too come.

  3. Stripes are my weakness too, they're so classic.
    Funnily enough I got my khaki parka from the Topshop maternity sale last Autumn and can't take it off - try an army surplus store!

  4. I love the boots and the top!


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