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Sunday, 22 January 2012

These are all things on my wishlist at the moment. Im trying to really think before i buy things 'do i really want this?' 'will i use it enough?' because then i save myself a bit of money. But topshop really is testing me having 20% off! 
Ive got a busy weekend of revision and work but am feeling fairly positive about the exams next week. Got the worst one out the way this week. Hope everyone elses exams are going well - good luck. Havent really got much else to say because its been a quiet week. Just cant wait now till i will be blogging off my macbook!


  1. I need a new backpack and that one is tempting me now!
    Good luck with the exams I've already done mine now I'm waiting for the results xx

  2. Ohh yes these are amazing xxx

  3. Forever love those Topshop pumps, I think I need to DIY some!


  4. I love all these, that jumper is such a pretty shade, I'm mad for pastels at the moment! I keep trying to justify purchases too, it's hard as usually heart wins over head! xx

  5. Lovely items! Really want the dress and the backpack! xo


  6. Good luck with all your exams! Maybe one of these can be a treat purchase when you're all done :)


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