Turning on the spot

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Top: topshop
Shorts: yayer
Converse: office 
Earrings: sawyer and scout

I hate how awkward i always seem to look in photos. This is my outfit from today, with a jacket because it was actually pretty chilly once the sun went in. The top has been on here before. I really love wearing it though, its really easy to wear with everything. I seem to have invested in a lot of white tops for spring/summer! These shorts were from yayer a few weeks ago and they are perfect. Slightly high waisted and in a purpley blue colour so not just plain black. Cannot wait till its warm enough to wear them without tights. Also, i have started a bit of a collection of bracelets. These are only a few that i have on but yesterday i had them piled up. Will try get a post in about them maybe.. This one arrived today and its so cute.

These past few days i have been full of cold. Which is really annoying because it meant i couldnt give blood yesterday. Also meant i have just been feeling pretty rubbish. Hoping a bit of zumba tonight will make me feel better. Dont forget my giveaway which ends in 5 days! Oh and follow me on twitter (link in the sidebar).



  1. I love Converse, they're perfect for 'i just need to be comfy' days. I'm following you on twitter now - have fun at your Zumba class! :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

    1. Thank you. Love the music on your blog! x

  2. lovely blog, lovely outfit! :D I´m your newest follower!

  3. I love the top, this is a great outfit, I think I need to start wearing shorts again.

    Jess x

  4. Really like your t-shirt <3

    Ellen xx

  5. this is such a cute look!



  6. Love the shirt - love how you've styled it :)
    ooo, can't beat a bit of zumba; hope it gets rid of your cold!
    Given you a follow on twitter lovely :) xo

  7. Love that top! Its gorgeous xx

  8. Love the top and the colour of your shorts!xx


  9. Your tee-shirt is adorable, I love it <3

  10. Such a lovely outfit! I really like your top!

    xoxo, Laura


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