April Update

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hello macbook photo of my non makeuped face.

01. Thought i would do a quick update cause i havent been around for a while. On my easter holidays and have been taking advantage of the time off so have been pretty busy. Also havent had much to blog about so didnt want to bore everyone!

02. I saw the hunger games last week at the cinema with my boyfriend, and loved it! Although it was as captivating as the book it definitely captured everything the book got across and all the actors and actresses played their parts really well. I was surprised with who they casted for Cinna but Lenny Kravitz got the emotion across really well. I know its been out a while, but anyone else love the film?

03. I also got my ear pierced last week. The top of my right ear :) been meaning to do it for while and decided to do it now after i have given blood so that i can still give blood again in 4 months. There is a picture up over on my twitter.

04. Easter weekend has been great too. Its a time when i get to see all my family at little get togethers. We went for a meal in sheffield with all my mums family on saturday afternoon which had some gorgeous food.

And then on easter sunday we were very lucky to have the 'easter bunny' come round ;) So i got lots of chocolates to eat! We also have a tradition in our house of egg rolling. I thought this was a fairly normal thing but noone else seems to do it! We hard boil eggs, decorate them and then go roll them down a hill. The aim is to get yours the furthest without smashing them. 

I was eating an innocent veg pot - they are so yummy!

Quite a few pictures there. I lost cause mine was the fist egg to break, but its a really fun thing to do, and it gets quite competitive in our family HA.

05. On sunday i made a cake with my boyfriend, although he claims he made most of it! I forgot to take a picture (which is probably not a bad thing because it fell to pieces!) But it tasted really nice. It was a victoria sponge with coconut butter cream icing and jam filling, with strawberries on top :)

Hope everyone has had a lovely easter weekend and eaten loaads of chocolate. I have the rest of the week off before i am back to college so i hope to get some revision done, but also do a bit of shopping. Got quite a list together at the moment.



  1. I roll eggs but we do it to break them on purpose :) x

  2. I loved the Hunger Games too, thought it was a really good adaptation of the book (which is so rare!)

    Your easter looks lovely, I've never been egg rolling but looks fun!xxx

  3. Looks like you've had a great time :) I haven't seen the hunger games yet, but I really want to! x
    Dreams and Dresses

  4. Hey dear, have nominated you for the blogger appreciation award (:


    xoxox Effy

  5. sounds like fun times! I have my ear pierced at the top too :) I've not read the Hunger Games but was debating going to see it.. xx

  6. It looks like you had a great Easter weekend, thank you for sharing all of your lovely pictures. I look forward to seeing what you find on your shopping trip.
    R xx

  7. Your easter weekend looks ace! I've also just seen Hunger Games I havent read the books yet as I usually find films disappointing after the books. I cant wait to read them now as I really liked the film!



  8. Looks like you had a lovely Easter, I wish my family had that tradition too it looks so funny ahah! xxx

  9. likeeeeee your blog!! :):)
    keep posting girl and go for it!



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