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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

H&M: maxi dress, £9.99 - playsuit, £14.99 - lace top, £6.99 - vest top, £3.99
Primark: dress with cut out top in black and yellow, £6 each
Miss Selfridge: lilac skinny jeans, £36
Boots: models own in Lemon Meringue, £5 - garnier hand cream, £1.99 - lip balm, 90p each

Okay so i sound pretty strange! But her is my first video. I filmed it using photobooth on my macbook and the quality isnt too bad. I only did one take because the lighting was getting bad, and i havent edited it (because i dont have a clue how to), so hope you guys like it. I made it because its an easy way to show you what i bought today, otherwise it might be a while before i get them into outfit posts. If anyone has any video making tips they would be really useful!

I also showed you my nails, will get a tutorial post of those up soon. But they really are so simple to do. My inspiration came from Erin for the diy nail stickers and they really are such a great idea. Might have a go at a few other shapes soon too. On the theme of nails, does anyone know where i can get hold of the topshop nail art pens that came out at the end of last year? They dont seem to stock them instore or online anymore..



  1. Great video, would love to see more :) x

  2. cute video, you've bought some quite lovely things. i love the pastel coloured nail varnishes at models own, i get so tempted to buy a colour but i'm putting it off cause i'd like the box set. that primark dress is lovely in both colours as well!


  3. Great video, you should definitely keep them coming!
    Your nails look really cool too!

    Drea @ Drea's Junkyard

  4. Loving what you bought especially the Primark dresses. I actually think the yellow and black are nicer than the white :) xx

  5. Lovely blog.

  6. This video is such a cute idea to show off your items! I absolutely adore everything in your haul <3


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