Review: Lauren's Way Instant Tan

Thursday, 23 August 2012

I got this product in the goody bag from bloggers boutique back in May and hadnt really had a chance to use it until recently. For holidays i tend to use the dove gradual self tanner (an all time favourite) and only use instant tan for nights out.
I was a bit apprehensive at first because it comes out a really dark colour onto the tanning mitt. To quote my boyfriend "youre going to look like an ethiopian!", thats how dark it is. But when it is applied it goes a lovely brown colour, not too orange, and it spreads really evenly. It is a lotion rather than a mousse and i love the consistency of it, it dries really quickly and doesnt leave your skin sticky. Another bonus is that it doesnt smell bad like some tanning products do, i personally liked the smell of it. When it came to washing it off it came off really easily in the shower just using soap and water, and no marks were left on my towel after so i know it all came off.
I would definitely recommend this as a product and might look at purchasing another bottle when its finished.


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