Wishlist #1

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

This is a random collection of what i would call autumn pieces. I am definitely after a pair of good boots that will last me all the way through winter and i really like the stud detailing on these. Although i also like chelsea boots and have wanted a pair for quite a few years. The underwear is expensive, but a girl can treat herself once in a while right? The top is just pretty. And i am loving the peplum style by topshop at the moment. And ok, i probably own too many nail polishes already, but one more wont do any harm! I bought 'hidden treasure' by topshop not long ago and was a little disappointed with the colour. It is more just plain gold on the nail than a mix with green. So i hope this one is better.
Finally i really want to get my hands on a Kigu onesie. I saw them after a post on Katy's blog and they look ridiculously comfy. Oh and it would be perfect for fancy dress in freshers week at uni. My favourite is the giraffe, but i love the red fox and the kangaroo too!
Not included on here but i also have the Delilah Dust purple druzy necklace on my wishlist, i love the stone that is used on it. There are some new silver charm necklaces in stock too, so check them out and you can use the code 'alicelily' at the checkout to get 10% off!
Might try and make this a more regular feature. I dont seem to do anything regularly on this blog. 

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