Autumn's arriving

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I seem to have a habit of looking at random bits of my room when i am making a video, just ignore it haha. Ive definitely been drawn to autumn pieces lately, i think it is one of my favourite seasons in england. My favourite purchase is the studded shirt from zara. It was one of those items i saw and just couldnt leave the shop without. I hope these videos are okay. Personally i think i sound pretty annoying! But it really is the easiest way to show you the things i have bought.

I have been trying out a few new hairstyles lately. Its not really something i have ever done on this blog but would anyone be interested in me showing a few? It will probably just be some photos of the finished product rather than a tutorial because they are simple styles. Let me know because i love to read them on other peoples blogs and watching youtube videos.


Ps. I am looking at buying a camera for uni, because i usually use my mums and still want to be able to take good photos when i am away. I would love some advice on what to get so if anyone is good on cameras then give me a bell.

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