Feels like home already

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ive been incredibly mia at the moment. I have hardly had any time just to sit down! I moved into my halls at university last thursday and since then have been meeting loads of new people, sorting through all my things, going out for freshers and attending introductory lectures. I am ridiculously exhausted but have had the most amazing time so far! I am looking forward to my course starting, even though there will probably be mountains of work to do. Here are a couple of snaps from moving in day:

The first shows the building i am in, and the second is in my room. Ive been really lucky with what i have got and my room definitely feels like home!

I hope to post a little more regularly when i have more time. But i still have the problem of not having a good camera yet so need to get round to buying one. The quality of my digital isnt that great and i want the photos on my blog still to look good. I do have some post ideas lined up though :)
Hope anyone else moving into uni/starting college is having a great time too!


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