Max Factor: Fantasy Fire

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I ordered this and this last week as some new storage bits for my uni room. I am going to use them to store my nail polishes and jewellery, and i love the acrylic because you can still see what is inside them. I ordered the deep one for my nail polishes but the only problem is that i cant fit them all in. In fact i can only just fit half of them in, i have too many colours! So you know what this called for.. i needed to obviously go buy another polish! I saw this one when i was in town earlier this week and fell in love with the shade. I havent tried max factor polishes before so will let you know how it is.

It comes out lighter and more purple than you would think from looking at the bottle. But i still love the colour. The only downside is that because it is a mini polish the brush is small so application is harder.
I move out tomorrow morning, so next time i get round to blogging will be from a new room at university! I am still looking at buying a camera so that i can take outfit photos. Had some good advice from people on twitter so i know what i am looking for now. Hope everyone is well.

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